Practical Doc

Clinical Procedures

Procedures are part of rural medicine; some are uncommon in rural practice but are potentially life-saving. Our videos will help you perform these safely and effectively and are great teaching guides.

Wound closure

Closing the Gap developed by Dr Brian Lin covers wound repair. Lots of videos to help beginning students with simple repairs plus neat tips and tricks for the experienced practical doc.


Using the slit lamp

The Root Eye Network has a great introducion on how to use the slit lamp and excellent examples of ocular pathology.

Shoulder dislocation


Need to teach how to reduce a shoulder or stuck with one that just will not go back?

More videos on the accompanying  site demonstrating the Modified Milch, Kocher and Cunningham techniques from Neil Cunningham himself.

Pocket Snips

Pocket Snips are videos from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Useful for beginner learners, focusing on simple procedures such as suturing and insertion of NG tubes. Central line insertion is better covered by EPIC (below).

Emergent Procedures

Videos produced by EPIC (Emergent Procedures Instructional Collaboration), showing critical procedural simulations including chest tube insertion, cricothyrotomy, central line placement and many others. Check them out here.

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